Our Emergency and Transitional Housing Fund program, previously known as Bridges to Housing, helped over 100 homeless individuals over three years find their way into transitional housing to give them an opportunity to stabilize their life, access medical care, and more.

As we finish up work on the Medical Respite, we have temporarily put our emergency housing fund on hold. We hope to start this program up again soon. 

If you would like to reach out to us, please refer to the contact section at the bottom of this page.



Many of our homeless are ready to move off the street today, but encounter barriers that prevent them from getting housed.

Limited financial resources and extended HUD waiting lists are the most common barriers.

Pathways to Housing is seeking to collect and manage donated funds to supplement homeless citizens as they move off the streets and into transitional housing – today, or whenever they are ready.

Tenants will be asked to:

1) Be ready to move off the street

2) Accept a case manager and see them often

3) Apply for permanent housing / HUD

4) Pay an agreed upon portion of their rent

5) Be a good neighbor

Since the beginning of the Transitional Housing Fund in 2017, Pathways has assisted over 100 individuals seek shelter to help with housing stability and medical recovery, and hopes to serve many more in the future.


Pathways to Housing's Transitional Fund is funded entirely through your tax deductible donations. 100% of funds will go directly to getting our most vulnerable homeless neighbors off of the street.

A roof and a bed, with case managers helping, can stabilize a person while permanent housing is sought.

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