Pathways to Housing

Redding, California



In an effort to increase housing opportunities for the homeless, Bridges to Housing has transitioned to Pathways to Housing. Pathways to Housing is our 501(c)3 dedicated to serving homeless individuals in need of medical care. Pathways is a medical respite center providing cohesive medical care by our team of medical and nursing staff. We provide a collaborate environment and work closely with case workers helping explore new way to assist homeless people in building new, healthy lives for themselves. 

 Together, we can create a stronger community.

Our Mission


To assist medically fragile and disabled individuals experiencing homelessness by offering supportive respite housing. At Pathways to Housing, we seek to explore new ways to assist homeless people in building healthy lives for themselves by utilizing compassionate assistance and self-reliance as tools for growth, learning, and stability. 

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PO BOX 990072 Redding, CA, 96099-0072 USA

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