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Community Mentions

"A good path" - Enjoy Magazine, Issue 204

"Redding's Micro-shelter community working as planned" - Mike Mangas & Adam Robinson, KRCR News Channel 7

"A look inside Redding's first micro-shelter community" - Mike Mangas & Adam Robinson, KRCR News Channel 7

"First Redding micro shelter residents move in" - Chloe Curtis, Action News Now

"South Market Micro Shelter Community opened Sunday" - Tyler Van Dyke, KRCR News Channel 7

"Sunday marks the opening of South Market micro shelter in Redding" - Action News Now

"Housing Week: micro shelters for Redding and more in NorCal" - The Jefferson Exchange Team, Jefferson Public Radio

"Construction begins on micro-shelter community in Redding" - Alec Stutson, North State Public Radio

"History Makers: Redding's First Micro-Shelter Community Opens March 1" - Jess Luoma, Shasta Thrive

"Micro-shelter community goes up in south Redding" - David Benda, Redding Record Searchlight

"Helping the homeless: Work starts on micro-shelter community in south Redding" - David Benda, Redding Record Searchlight

"Construction on Redding's first micro-shelter community starts on Monday" - Miranda Angel, KRCR News Channel 7

"Respite News: A Quarterly Newsletter for Members of the Respite Care Providers' Network" - National Health Care for the Homeless Council

"Finding Pathways" - Community Foundation of the North State

"Medical Respite Program Facility opens to help homeless recover after medical treatment" - Mason Carroll, KRCR News Channel 7

"Homeless respite center will open to clients starting Monday" - Ryan Kanne, Action News Now

"Pathway to Housing is helping homeless people recover safely after their medical treatment" - Ryan Kanne, Action News Now

"'Respite center' going up for homeless people recently discharged from the hospital" - Michele Chandler, Redding Record Searchlight

"Healthcare for the homeless coming to south Redding" - Mike Mangas and Ashley Gardner, KRCR News Channel 7

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