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  • Sara Martin

New Year's Nostalgia

2022 was a whirlwind of changes and opportunities for growth. Last year, we served 146 residents and provided 11,752 meals over a total of 4,798 nights spent by patients in the SCHC HOPE Medical Respite Program!



Halloween Celebrations

We had a blast hosting our first Halloween event with residents at the Hartman House! We provided many activities to choose from, such as painting and word searches. Those in the Scattered Site Program who wanted to and we’re able to attend were provided transportation to join in the fun. We enjoyed sharing in the laughs, smiles, and spooks!

Collage of six photos. Three photos on the left display residents participating in various Halloween activities including painting, eating, and pumpkin carving. The three photos on the right include close-ups of activity options including mazes, word-searches, cookie decorating, painting, and paper Jack-o'-Lantern decorating.
Halloween Activities

Pumpkin Everything!

Residents at the Hartman House had a great time carving Jack-o'-Lanterns, thanks to the gourde-ous donations from Hawes Farms. The pumpkins enhanced our fall aesthetic and provided a great creative outlet for residents. They were so excited to carve pumpkins, something they haven't gotten to do in a long time! We are so thankful to our community for helping us offer some of the traditional flavors and festivities for our residents to enjoy.

Collage of three photos: one on the left and two stacked on the right. The left photo is a smiling orange and black Jack-o'-Lantern wall decoration with a black and purple witch hat. Both photos on the right have five pumpkins; two in the back and three in the front. Two of the pumpkins in each photo on the right are Jack-o'-Lanterns (one on the front-left and one on the front-right). The Jack-o'-Lantern towards the left top-right photo is smiling and the one towards the right has a surprised expression. The Jack-o'-Lantern towards the left of the bottom-right photo is smiling and the one towards the right has an evil grin.


Our kitchen crew also tapped into their creative side and conjured up a selection of treats that sent residents running… for seconds! These wild dishes looked like so much fun to make and eat, we wish we could have these kinds of snacks available every day. At Pathways to Housing, we say it's okay to play with your food - as long as you still eat it!

Collage of four photos containing Halloween themed foods. The top-left photo is of deviled egg eyeballs. The top-right photo is of mummified pigs in a blanket. The bottom-right photo is of mice meatballs over fried rice. The bottom-right photo is of peanut-butter raisin spider cracker sandwiches.
Spooky Snacks



Unfortunately, everyone was so excited to dig into our Thanksgiving feast that we forgot to take pictures - you might even say they gobbled it up! Everyone enjoyed indulging in turkey, ham, stuffing, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, bread rolls, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, and mashed potatoes and gravy. We loaded the to-go meals with all the favorites for Scattered Site folx who were unable to attend the feast in-person. It was uplifting being able to provide a family atmosphere for our first Thanksgiving at the Hartman House!

Downloaded from Wix
Giving Thanks

North State Giving Tuesday

THANK YOU to Community Foundation of the North State and many other generous donors for your contributions this past Giving Tuesday. Because of your support, we were able to raise over $13.2K this giving season! Each donation helps us provide more for every person we help. We have continued to grow over the years, and we look forward to opening new programs in the near future!

Save the Date!

The next Giving Tuesday will be held on November 28th, 2023. Set a reminder in your calendar and bookmark our NSGT Giving Page to contribute this year!



Christmas Celebrations

As our first Christmas with residents in the Hartman House, we wanted to do something memorable. Thank you to our wonderful support network for helping us provide everybody with a gift bag full of goodies, including handmade beanies and food gift cards!

Six photos showing residents participating in the White Elephant, opening gifts, talking, crafting.
Christmas Activities

Oh, Christmas Tree!

To top off the fun, residents got together to decorate ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree. Special thanks to one creative resident who gifted the house an ornament they stitched by hand, featured in the top-right of the collage below. We also prepared additional gifts for residents to unwrap in our very own White Elephant - the residents loved choosing a surprise from the pile!

Collage of six photos: three pictures of ornaments, stacked, on the left; one picture of a Christmas tree in the middle; and two additional pictures of ornaments, stacked, on the right. The top left ornament is dark blue with red and silver swirls as well as light blue rhinestones. The ornament on the middle left is of evergreens with blue mountains behind them and a white background. The ornament on the bottom left is clear with red, green, gold, and silver tinsel swirled together inside. The ornament on the bottom right has blues, white, and silver swirled together with light and dark blue rhinestones tracing the swirls. The ornament on the top right is flat and crocheted, unlike the other round bulb ornaments. It is red on the top third and white on the bottom two thirds, most of which is stringing down like a fuzzy beard. It has a red poof on top, googly eyes underneath, and  a hole in the center where the red meets white. The Christmas tree is covered in warm white lights and many different shapes, sizes, and colors of bulbs. A light-yellow star is shining at the top of the tree and a pile of presents lie beneath the tree.
Christmas Tree and Hand-Made Ornaments


South Market Micro Shelter Community

For those who have been following our social media accounts, you might remember we mentioned a big announcement coming up... here it is! The South Market Micro Shelter Community is opening in Redding on March 20, 2023! We have been brewing up this project in partnership with United Way of Northern California for what seems like ages and we are so excited to finally share this news with you all! We are elated to join in this new adventure with United Way.


Pathways to Housing's Rudy Lucero will be providing case management and wrap around services to residents in the community, while United Way will be managing the site and overseeing the program. The site will include eight micro shelter units, storage, and a staff office. Residents will also have access to pet friendly areas, a community room, showers, restrooms, and laundry amenities. There will be staff on-site 7 days per week. For applications, videos, and additional information, visit our South Market Micro Shelter Community webpage! You may also contact Rudy Lucero at (530) 782-1708 or for questions and appointments!


Featured in the Community

Respite Care Providers' Network

We were thrilled to receive a visit from Caitlin Synovec from the National Health Care for The Homeless Council, Respite Care Providers' Network. She traveled across the country to host a consumer listening session with our community’s residents who are experiencing homelessness.

During her travels, she stopped by the Hartman House for a tour of the respite facility. Afterwards, SCHC and Pathways were invited to present to a network of Respite Providers on the process of transitioning from a Scattered Site Respite Program to a Standalone Respite Program. Pathways was honored to be a part of this experience!!

Check out the Respite on the Road section of January's NHCHC RCPN Quarterly Newsletter on the right for more information:

Health Care for the Homeless Council Respite Care Providers' Network. (2023, January 26). Respite News: A Quarterly Newsletter for Members of the Respite Care Providers' Network. National Institute for Medical Respite Care.

Shasta Thrive

Thank you, Jess Luma at Shasta Thrive, for featuring Pathways to Housing and United Way of Northern California in your article on February 14! Read and watch below for to learn more about the recent developments!

Luoma, Jess. (2023, February 14). History Makers: Redding's First Micro Shelter Community Opens March 1. Shasta Thrive. Web.


Reviews from our Residents

Enjoyedthe staff & how they care about us patients. They were a lot of fun.” - Anonymous
Enjoyedeverything... staff was really nice; you’ve helped me a lot. If it wasn’t for this place, I wouldn’t be clean right now.” - Corby
I have grown to trust and love y’all for what you do... I look forward to my future now and that has a lot to do with how y’all have helped me.” - Dustin
You guys were so nice to me. I really enjoyed my birthday meal and card. It was the nicest birthday I’ve ever had.” - Rebecca
"I thank God for all of you, I love you guys so much. Most of all, you treat us like humans. You're top of the line... uplifting. you guys have saved my life twice now." - Tim

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