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  • Sara Martin

Two Years in the Making...

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Wide-angle view of the Hartman House Facility from the parking lot out front. Blue sky peeking behind white, fluffy clouds above a white building with blue trim and a light brown-gray rooftop.
Hartman House Facility: Location of the SCHC HOPE Medical Respite Program

How Far We've Come

It has been a long journey, however, after two years of construction, the Hartman House has been fully renovated to meet ADA and public health standards for a medical respite facility. This facility has 15 beds available for patients referred to the Shasta Community Health Center (SCHC) HOPE Medical Respite Program. There is room for 10 men and 5 women.

Amenities include offices, medical exam room, client resource room, dining area, living room, commercial kitchen, laundry facilities, ADA accessible restrooms with showers, and garden. There are offices to house the Medical Respite RN and Case Manager on-site and for supportive service providers to meet with patients. Pathways provides 24/7 awake staff to assist patients with their needs and keep our guests safe throughout the night.

Five photos arranged in a collage. Upper Left: single bed with white linens and a black blanket next to a black and brown nightstand; cream curtains cover the window. Lower Left: single bed with white linens and blue blanket between black and brown nightstand and dresser; window tint for privacy. Lower Middle: three of the two-bed men's cubicles; mattresses are uncovered; window tint for privacy. Lower Right: close-up of two-bed men's cubicle; mattresses are uncovered; window tint for privacy. Upper Right: women's closet full of various hanging garments; four totes, and two black and brown dressers.
Collage of Rooms: Single-Rooms, Men's Dorm Hall, and Women's Closet

How Far We'll Go

It is our mission to provide patients in medical respite with an enriched experience in a comfortable, clean, and supportive environment in order to promote whole-person healing. While SCHC's Respite Nurse and Respite Case Manager are hard at work helping patients meet medical and social welfare goals, the Pathways team aims to set the standard when it comes to accessibility and serenity in the day-to-day lives of our residents. Pathways will continue to pursue its goal of providing additional housing options for our community's residents who are experiencing homelessness.

Three men, two sitting in rolling chairs (Dr. Patton and RN John Lord), one sitting on the exam bed (Patient). The patient has a big smile and Dr. Patton is using the stethoscope to check his vital signs. Respite Nurse John Lord is observing; he is wearing a mask but his eyes are squinting from a smile.
Clinic In Action - SCHC's Dr. Patton and RN John Lord Examining a Patient.

How Time Flies...

Since opening our doors on February 7th, 2022, we have had over 55 Med Respite patients stay at the Hartman House. We have hired many new employees and gained some traction in the community. In mid-July, we reached our capacity for the first time which has been maintained due to our ever increasing waiting list and the hard-working medical team from SCHC.

We have seen first hand how important Medical Respite services are to this vulnerable population, our healthcare systems, and the community. Without the HOPE Medical Respite Program, many individuals would not be getting the care they so desperately need. Pathways to Housing is grateful to our partners, Shasta Community Health Center and Common Spirit / Dignity Health (Mercy Medical Center, Redding) for providing the support necessary to see this vision come to life!

Back patio on a bright, sunny day with some shade-cover. 10 people sitting around two banquet tables; full of life, food, and fun! Adjacent is the corner of the serving station sits a large drink dispenser full with a tasty, festive, red juice.
4th of July BBQ: Staff, Patients, and Volunteers

The More, the Merrier!

To keep up with the flow of the house and the needs of our patients, Pathways to Housing has hired a Program Manager, a Kitchen Lead, an Assistant Chef, and five new Care Coordinators just in the last three months. If you or someone you know is looking for work, don't worry - we are still hiring! Check out our new Job Opportunities page for details. Pathways to Housing is a fun and relaxed atmosphere to be a part of. Medical respite is an exciting and innovative program and would love to add you to our ever growing family!

We are always in need of volunteers for various positions, view our Volunteers Page for more information.

Back patio on a bright, sunny day. A man facing away from the camera has just tossed a pouch during a game of cornhole. Three women are observing, two sitting and one standing. Part of the garden can be seen overflowing with bright green vegetation.
Memorial Day BBQ: Cornhole Tournament

Options a Plenty

With the facility now open, you might think we would close the Scattered Site (motel) model. However, we have continued to offer this option for individuals who would not benefit from being in a congregate living environment, such as those who are immunocompromised or patients who have pets. While those patients have a room secured at one of the local Redding motels, they are still welcome to stop by the facility to attend their appointments, visit with other clients in the program, and join in mealtimes or holiday celebrations.

Patients in the Scattered Site model still receive essential services of the HOPE Medical Respite Program. Pathways provides lunch and dinner seven days per week, grocery items for breakfast, laundry services, hygiene provisions, and daily check-ins. SCHC continues to provide ongoing medical care and case management to these patients. Offering both models of care has proven to be beneficial while eliminating barriers to service!

10 individuals, mostly smiling, gathered around the food service station. Behind them sits the Salvation Army food truck. The individuals are a combination of Pathways staff and volunteers from the Good News Rescue Mission.
Project Homeless Connect 2022 Food Station

Helping in the Community

We had the honor of catering the 2022 Project Homeless Connect Resource Fair! Thank you to the Salvation Army for providing their food truck and to the Good News Rescue Mission for the bulk of the ingredients and a few extra helpers. This event is a great place where community resources gather to connect with the people in the community who need access to food, housing, haircuts, and much more. In just under two hours, we served over 700 meals and had a blast!

Three clients enjoying BBQ hamburgers and hotdogs, soda, pie, and chips in at a table at the Caldwell Park Pavillion. One smiling woman seated between two stoic men. The woman is holding up her hotdog as if to say "cheers!"
Food & Fun at the 2022 Annual BBQ in the Park

Getting Involved

We were also invited to help with catering for the 2022 Annual Healthcare for the Homeless BBQ in the Park. It was a great opportunity to bring our patients out for some socialization and fun for the day.

Pathways has also recently become involved with the HOPE Consumer Advisory Board (CAB). The Medical Respite patients are excited to become active members of the CAB and Pathways is thrilled to be providing lunch to the consumers once a month. Pathways is honored to be a contributing partner to these important community events!

Two images side by side of men arranging toppings on personal pan pizzas. Left: two men at a table; man on the left is standing up, wearing a red t-shirt, black pants, and a black walking boot/cast; man on the right is seated, wearing a medium gray t-shirt and hat with charcoal shorts and sandals. Right: two different men at a table; man on the left is standing, wearing an army-green hoodie and black pants; man on the right is seated in his wheelchair, wearing a white t-shirt and navy pants.
Build Your Own Pizza

Break for Fun

Some people are all work and no play... not here - sometimes our work is play! We believe it is our responsibility to brighten the lives of those who enter our facility. Our chef recently hosted a "build your own pizza" night with the patients which turned out to be a great hit! We continue to plan celebrations and fun outings like going to the movies, arts-n'-crafts events, and trips to local attractions such as the Turtle Bay Exploration Park!

Inside the Hartman House Facility in the dining area. Five smiling men, four sitting and one standing, gathered around a table full of colorful eggs, stickers, and cups of dye.
Easter Egg Dying and Decorating

Holiday? Hooray!

We do our best to provide true holiday experiences for all who wish to participate in the festivities. We have enjoyed celebrating Easter, Memorial Day, and Fourth of July with the patients, most of which are featured in the photos throughout this post.

Two men, one in the background standing by a dining table, one close up, smiling, and holding a dinner tray. This dinner features mashed potatoes, green beans, fried chicken, salad, and a popcorn ball for desert.
Happy Patients Enjoying Dinner

Thoughts from Clients

"A place where friends become family." - Blue
"I feel like I have a new family... Keep being yourselves, helping people understand what they don't know." - Keith"
"Thank you for your kindness and attention to detail." - Bobby
"I have grown to trust and love y'all for what you do... that touch each and everyone who passes through here." - Dustin
Two garden boxes; the closest one is overflowing with bright green vegetation.
Garden in Bloom

See You Next Time!

Thank you for reading our very first newsletter, we hope you have enjoyed a taste of the Pathways' life. Below you will find a few client quotes and a poll to let us know what you hope to see in the next post. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email or give us a call at (530) 338-2423.

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